Going to Las Vegas for a weekend doesn’t strike anyone as the normal backpacker’s route, especially if you’re travelling alone and on a budget. However, I actually found Sin City to be a great stop-off on the way to the Grand Canyon and a it was a lot of fun. I thought I’d run it by those who are curious: just how can you travel Las Vegas by yourself and most importantly, on very little money?


1. Find a hostel full of travellers! 

Hostel Cat is an epic place to stay. The hostel is a 15 minute walk from the main Boulevard but it’s still on the strip so you can walk down a straight path to find every casino you’ve ever dreamed of. It’s cheap considering what you’d pay for a hotel in Vegas, although it is your average backpackers place, the rooms go for 19 dollars a night on weekends and $12 during the week.  There’s also a bench outside the main square where everyone joins at 8pm to socialise. At the time when I went, Hostel Cat had a barrel of free alcohol supply (vodka and lemonade) so I was taking the opportunity and lapping up the free booze. I also took this opportunity to make friends. The staff at Hostel Cat actually organise a group for you to go partying together and give you free entry into the casino clubs as a promotion offer so you’re never alone for long.


2.  Take FULL advantage of free activities offered!

Hostel Cat and their staff take you round a free walking tour of Vegas at 2pm every day. This walking tour was designed to give you an informative yet fun view of what Vegas is really about. Walking around the amazing attractions and casinos is half the fun, and nobody will charge you if you look. Just be careful not be drawn in by every event or offer that might be pricey in the end.


3. Gamble only if you’re lucky (or good at roulette)

I brought $80 bucks to Vegas with me for good measure, I know it’s sort of in principle to go gambling when you’re in Vegas but this seriously isn’t advised if you need the money to get back! However, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and I managed to win 60 dollars by playing roulette (40 by playing and finding 20 dollars on the floor NEXT to the roulette) making my entire trip free. Beginners luck eh?

4. Get in the know and do the research

Get your shows/exhibitions super cheap by knowing the right places to book, some street vendors offer exclusive on-the-day discounted tickets for shows such as Blue Man Group. Know what clubs offer free entry or exclusive discounts on drinks. Do the research, get guest-lists early, it will pay off!

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So there you have it, a quick, informal guide on how to enjoy Vegas on a budget. Let me know in the comments if you need any more advice or persuasion to go!